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Contraception and Reproductive Health

NHS general information, support and advice

Comprehensive information and resources

British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) is a charity which offers information and choices on unplanned pregnancy.


What is Contraception?

Contraception is used to prevent pregnancy.

There are several different types of contraception available and people choose different methods to meet their individual needs.

How effective any contraception is depends on how carefully you used the method you have chosen.
Types of Contraception:

Infertility treatment – IVF

What IVF

Advice for the treatment


Current health problems

Infertility ultrasound testing

Infertility ultrasound testing

In-house ultrasound scan for instant results.

Antenatal services

If you prefer to see a Obstetrician, please ask for an appointment. Clinica will ensure – when possible – that all requests are met promptly.

Services include the following:

  • Antenatal services
  • Pre pregnancy check test
  • Early pregnancy scans
  • Dating and Gender scan
  • Down’s risk screening
  • Blood tests
  • Basic Health check

Please ring Clinica on 020 7258 3341

Pelvic floor repair

Pelvic Pain:

It is not uncommon to experience discomfort in the pelvis at various stages of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation (release of the egg) may be associated with discomfort usually to one side or the other and may last a day or two. Some women may have central, low discomfort before or during the period. More severe pain at these times, or pain associated with intercourse may be as a result of gynaecological problems such as infection, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, adhesions, fibroids, bladder irritation or polyps and this does require investigation.


The lesser types of discomfort often resolve with simple pain killers and do not necessarily require any investigation...

Chiropractic & Pain Management

Edwin Joyce BSc DC Chiropractor

The natural informed choice for the relief of:

• Discs and sciatica
• Low back pain
• Headache and migraine
• Neck pain and stiffness
• Whiplash
• Knee and ankle problems
• Neuralgic pain
• Numbness and tingling
• Trapped nerves
• Shoulder pain
• Tendonitis and inflamed muscles
• Acupuncture available
• Covered by most Insurers

Energy Medicine & Healing

Winifred Marr BRCP; BSc (Hons); PhD (Doctor of Biochemistry)

Good energy levels are fundamental to health and wellbeing and for challenging modern lifestyles. Whether you are undergoing orthodox treatment for major or minor health problems, recovering from illness or simply want to boost your energy levels, energy medicine can help support you.

Energy therapists believe that imbalances or blockages in the body’s energy systems can contribute to mental and physical disease. At the clinic a range of non-invasive devices are available to analyse and rebalance the body’s energy field, restore inner harmony and support health recovery :

• Electrocrystals – pulsed sound frequencies with crystals
• Light therapy – light emitting diode (LED) with crystals
• Inergetix CoRe Syste...

Therapeutic & Sports Massage

Katie James BSc Sports Science
• Holistic massage for women
• Shoulder tension
• Hip and thigh ache
• Sports injury
• Diet and lifestyle coach